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Affluence Insights will soon start flowing :-)

Hey Everyone 🙂

Firstly, if you’ve arrived here, welcome and thank you for expressing interest in learning more about becoming affluent…

I’m just putting the finishing touches in place behind the scenes to start getting this website flowing and the accompanying regular emails.

If you would like to receive regular email insights into creating affluence in all areas of your life please sign-up on the right here –> 🙂

Finally, when I say affluence, I mean affluence in the true context of the word – not just financial wealth. Affluence means flow, it means living our lives in a state of flow, of effortless ease, of creativity, of resourcefulness, of mental and emotional wealth, of our ability to make things happen.

Building deep meaningful relationships and having the help and support of those loving and upbuilding souls is crucial. So mentorship plays a huge role here. My mentor has literally helped to transform my life in ways I couldn’t have even comprehended.

I am continuing the flow of that knowledge and wisdom through my service in the lives of others as a mentor now myself, of which this blog is a small but meaningful part.

With much love and enthusiasm 🙂

Adam Wallis


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